NSN Parts List from Motorola Communications Manufacturer

ASAP Aviation Supplies is happy to inform you that part number RVN4185AC, 59-83663R01, 6881095E05, 13-83028M01, 68 80310B81B is now in stock and ready for immediate shipping. This is a Disk Drive Unit, Fan Centrifugal, Manual Technical, Guard Fan Impeller, Microphone Element manufactured by Motorola Communications. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified and FAA AC-0056B accredited company. We have several warehouses full of ready-to-ship parts and a key presence in various locations across the US and Canada. This allows us to fulfill AOG requirements in a timely manner with ease. If you need it fast, we offer same day shipping and next day shipping.

CAGE Code: 0BHW4, 0FJ78, 3T855, 0V6U7, 5D598, 9V596

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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
RVN4185AC 7025-01-586-6047 disk drive unit Avl RFQ
59-83663R01 4140-01-499-8195 fan centrifugal Avl RFQ
6881095E05 7610-01-500-0077 manual technical Avl RFQ
13-83028M01 4140-01-437-7731 guard fan impeller Avl RFQ
68 80310B81B 7610-01-500-0010 manual technical Avl RFQ
W22AS 5965-01-567-4451 microphone element Avl RFQ
35203393-1001 5962-01-123-8136 microcircuit linear Avl RFQ
55-5536P01 5340-01-500-3324 latch set mortise Avl RFQ
6881058C70 7610-01-500-0054 manual technical Avl RFQ
6880102W33 7610-01-500-0059 manual technical Avl RFQ
6881094E45 7610-01-500-0027 manual technical Avl RFQ
6881090E35 7610-01-500-0062 manual technical Avl RFQ
65-82654M01 5920-01-435-5091 fuse cartridge Avl RFQ
TPN6210 6130-01-631-7700 power supply Avl RFQ
DSTRAK92201 6130-01-631-2585 power supply module Avl RFQ
6881125E68 7610-01-500-0029 manual technical Avl RFQ
0215000C01 5310-01-587-1408 nut plain hexagon Avl RFQ
TRN8663A 5998-01-437-8437 transmitter interfa Avl RFQ
DLN6864 6130-01-631-2462 power supply Avl RFQ
65 139131 5920-01-499-9538 fuse cartridge Avl RFQ
5505173T01 5340-01-500-3323 lock set mortise Avl RFQ
Q-202GR 5895-01-420-1255 duplexer Avl RFQ
6881073C75 7610-01-500-0022 manual technical Avl RFQ
GMMN1111A 5965-01-669-1820 loudspeaker microphone Avl RFQ
TPN1253A 6130-01-435-5084 power supply Avl RFQ
DLN6867 6130-01-631-2460 power supply Avl RFQ
650041492 5920-01-499-9540 fuse cartridge Avl RFQ
H18KEC9PW5AN 5820-01-600-9530 receiver transmitte Avl RFQ
6881082E05 7610-01-500-0068 manual technical Avl RFQ
6881074C50 7610-01-500-0023 manual technical Avl RFQ
6881082E20 7610-01-500-0026 manual technical Avl RFQ
65-51029 5920-01-499-9542 fuse cartridge Avl RFQ
RRDN7683A 5930-01-631-3761 ethernet switch ric Avl RFQ
6802920C75 7610-01-500-0051 manual technical Avl RFQ
TRN5683A 5998-01-437-8428 phone line interfac Avl RFQ
TRN8661A 5998-01-440-7957 receiver interface Avl RFQ
2805245501 5920-01-385-8641 fuse cartridge Avl RFQ
528009 5962-01-123-8136 microcircuit linear Avl RFQ
HLN6861C 5340-01-587-1387 hardware kit mechan Avl RFQ
6881200C25 7610-01-500-0079 manual technical Avl RFQ
6500139131 5920-01-499-9538 fuse cartridge Avl RFQ
0402838X01 5310-01-587-1422 washer flat Avl RFQ
TYN4008 7690-01-631-2567 label Avl RFQ
6881095E50 7610-01-500-0065 manual technical Avl RFQ
NMN6177A 5965-01-437-8442 microphone speaker Avl RFQ
65-05700Q04 5920-01-385-8641 fuse cartridge Avl RFQ
6482628T06 5975-01-499-9148 panel electrical el Avl RFQ
6881108C39 7610-01-500-0071 manual technical Avl RFQ
65-82896B04 5920-01-258-5320 fuse cartridge Avl RFQ
68P80309E41 7610-01-500-0032 manual technical Avl RFQ
65-5663R03 5920-01-499-9544 fuse cartridge Avl RFQ
QLN3022A 5998-01-437-8443 data concentrator b Avl RFQ
65-139767 5920-01-499-9543 fuse cartridge Avl RFQ
DSTRAK910115 5963-01-631-1081 electronic module s Avl RFQ
6881090E95 7610-01-500-0025 manual technical Avl RFQ
55-80370A01 5340-01-500-3325 lock set mortise Avl RFQ
6881043E40 7610-01-500-0066 manual technical Avl RFQ
50-80258E04 5965-01-500-5036 microphone special Avl RFQ
6684690C02 5999-01-500-0049 parts kit electroni Avl RFQ
HMN1015A 5965-01-437-7736 microphone element Avl RFQ
DSTSJ100BT 6150-01-570-9840 power strip electri Avl RFQ
6802949C70 7610-01-500-0020 manual technical Avl RFQ
61-80185J01 6035-01-499-8193 light pipe fiber op Avl RFQ
48-869806 5961-01-223-1942 transistor Avl RFQ
3664022H01 5355-01-587-6276 knob Avl RFQ
65-135212 5920-01-499-9539 fuse cartridge Avl RFQ
51-80067C01 5962-01-165-9350 microcircuit linear Avl RFQ
68P2949C70 7610-01-500-0031 manual technical Avl RFQ
6584047E01 6240-01-499-9150 lamp incandescent Avl RFQ
20010126-3 5895-01-420-1255 duplexer Avl RFQ
6881070C85 7610-01-500-0057 manual technical Avl RFQ
68P02949C65 7610-01-500-0076 manual technical Avl RFQ
6881088E90 7610-01-500-0061 manual technical Avl RFQ
6881109C33 7610-01-500-0028 manual technical Avl RFQ
65-139676 5920-01-499-9537 fuse cartridge Avl RFQ
51-80345A10 5962-01-123-8136 microcircuit linear Avl RFQ
4305373Z02 5325-01-604-1385 insert screw thread Avl RFQ
6881200C15 7610-01-500-0030 manual technical Avl RFQ
HDPVR 630 7730-01-669-1812 receiver television Avl RFQ
6881200C35 7610-01-500-0073 manual technical Avl RFQ
6881106C65 7610-01-500-0069 manual technical Avl RFQ
6880101W48 7610-01-500-0021 manual technical Avl RFQ
6802991G70 7610-01-500-0018 manual technical Avl RFQ
G444 G442 G48AU G142 5820-01-567-7463 radio set Avl RFQ
59-82933C01 5965-01-259-5253 microphone dynamic Avl RFQ
BDN6635 5965-01-448-9583 headset electrical Avl RFQ
NSN-6054A 5965-01-373-6457 loudspeaker permane Avl RFQ
6881092E75 7610-01-500-0026 manual technical Avl RFQ
6881090E50 7610-01-500-0064 manual technical Avl RFQ
MCN1000A 5895-01-435-7509 parts kit electroni Avl RFQ
55-5173T01 5340-01-500-3323 lock set mortise Avl RFQ
3664445H01 5355-01-587-6281 knob Avl RFQ
59-82051A01 4140-01-437-7732 fan ventilating Avl RFQ
6881080E30 7610-01-500-0024 manual technical Avl RFQ
LM393NA 5962-01-123-8136 microcircuit linear Avl RFQ
6881025E60 7610-01-500-0063 manual technical Avl RFQ
TRN8662B 5998-01-437-8434 inbound recovery bo Avl RFQ
65-5700Q04 5920-01-385-8641 fuse cartridge Avl RFQ
48 83636N03 5980-01-500-5388 display optoelectro Avl RFQ
6582408R01 5920-01-499-9546 fuse cartridge Avl RFQ
5583616B01 5340-01-500-3326 lock set mortise Avl RFQ
48-84412B02 5955-01-500-5392 xtal Avl RFQ
6582847N27 5920-01-499-9553 fuse cartridge Avl RFQ
TDN6925A 5998-01-437-8432 voice coupler board Avl RFQ
6105376Z01 6625-01-498-8395 indicator radio fre Avl RFQ
6582847N28 5920-01-499-9549 fuse cartridge Avl RFQ
G361AE 7030-01-567-7594 disk program automa Avl RFQ
6802981G35 7610-01-500-0019 manual technical Avl RFQ
6881073C70 7610-01-500-0060 manual technical Avl RFQ
6881083C90 7610-01-500-0074 manual technical Avl RFQ
6881095E40 7610-01-500-0078 manual technical Avl RFQ
61-80095J01 5850-01-499-8199 lens light Avl RFQ
TDD-6459 5895-01-420-1255 duplexer Avl RFQ
6505663R03 5920-01-499-9544 fuse cartridge Avl RFQ
G806AT 7030-01-567-7383 software kit Avl RFQ
6881200C40 7610-01-500-0075 manual technical Avl RFQ
0415285H01 5310-01-587-1352 washer flat Avl RFQ
59-83272G01 5965-01-259-5253 microphone dynamic Avl RFQ
48-84754E01 5955-01-500-5390 crystals mono Avl RFQ
E500094-002 5962-01-123-8136 microcircuit linear Avl RFQ
G114AE 6625-01-567-7472 indicator digital d Avl RFQ
65-41492 5920-01-499-9540 fuse cartridge Avl RFQ
05-5041 5962-01-123-8136 microcircuit linear Avl RFQ
TRN8682A 4140-01-437-7733 fan ventilating Avl RFQ
65-5214E02 5920-01-378-2490 fuse cartridge Avl RFQ
65-82846N01 5920-01-499-9550 fuse cartridge Avl RFQ
0305760W02 5305-01-587-7563 thumbscrew Avl RFQ
48-84669B02 5955-01-500-5396 xtal Avl RFQ
TYN4011 5963-01-631-7695 electronic module s Avl RFQ
6500135212 5920-01-499-9539 fuse cartridge Avl RFQ
6500139837 5920-01-435-5055 fuse cartridge Avl RFQ
5184621K59 5963-01-500-1413 regulator voltage Avl RFQ
M20KSS9PW1AN G806 G6 5820-01-567-7463 radio set Avl RFQ
B18CL 5965-01-567-4348 speaker auxilary Avl RFQ
5084561B08 5965-01-500-5037 speaker special Avl RFQ
1305374Z03 5340-01-604-1715 escutcheon plate Avl RFQ
RVN4185AA 7030-01-567-7465 disk program automa Avl RFQ
61-5436Q01 5820-01-374-7563 light pipe light em Avl RFQ
66-84690C01 5999-01-500-0049 parts kit electroni Avl RFQ
DLN6781 6130-01-631-2465 power supply Avl RFQ
TRN5686A 5998-01-437-8445 matrix board Avl RFQ
TPN6211 6130-01-631-7703 power supply Avl RFQ
65-5757V01 5920-01-499-9545 fuse cartridge Avl RFQ
65 82847N25 5920-01-499-9547 fuse cartridge Avl RFQ
TPN6173A 6130-01-435-5085 power supply Avl RFQ
68P81066E95 7610-01-500-0033 manual technical Avl RFQ
6505214E01 5920-01-258-5320 fuse cartridge Avl RFQ
6802920C65 7610-01-500-0048 manual technical Avl RFQ
55-80102R01 5965-01-500-3645 handle handset Avl RFQ
HSN4032B 5965-01-586-6988 loudspeaker permane Avl RFQ
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