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ASAP Aviation Supplies is happy to inform you that part number HP34523BT, 05060-6096, 1128SCSEA823-3, 08663-60034, 5061B-003-004-908 is now in stock and ready for immediate shipping. This is a Plug In Unit Electr, Circuit Card Assemb, Amplifier Frequency, Frequency Standard, Generator Function manufactured by Keysight Technologies Inc. We are an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA 0056B accredited company. We have several warehouses full of ready-to-ship parts and a key presence in various locations across the US and Canada. This allows us to fulfill AOG requirements in a timely manner with ease. If you need it fast, we offer same day shipping and next day shipping.

CAGE Code: 5BVP7, 14493, KA563, 52708, Z0ST5, 1NX55, 1LQK8

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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
HP34523BT 6625-01-343-9169 plug in unit electr Avl RFQ
05060-6096 5998-00-035-3239 circuit card assemb Avl RFQ
1128SCSEA823-3 6625-01-025-8795 plug in unit electr Avl RFQ
08663-60034 5895-01-384-0418 amplifier frequency Avl RFQ
5061B-003-004-908 6625-01-545-2878 frequency standard Avl RFQ
HP3312A 6625-01-028-4989 generator function Avl RFQ
944913-2202 5905-01-176-4814 resistor fixed film Avl RFQ
01120-26101 5315-01-033-7745 pin probe Avl RFQ
MX1545USM37 6625-00-304-7213 carriage slotted li Avl RFQ
5328A OPT 010-011-03 6625-01-203-8660 counter electronic Avl RFQ
77C712428P002 6625-01-155-8241 indicator digital d Avl RFQ
00181-66507 6625-00-140-8347 horizontal amplifie Avl RFQ
HP8563E 6625-01-355-8241 analyzer spectrum Avl RFQ
05370-60119 6625-01-351-3195 test set subassembl Avl RFQ
3585B OPT909 6625-01-315-1088 analyzer spectrum Avl RFQ
GS2G024S105UA 5905-00-241-6447 resistor variable n Avl RFQ
00757-0156 5905-00-446-4828 resistor fixed film Avl RFQ
A6684-2ALUM1 4BORE 4140-00-958-6916 impeller fan axial Avl RFQ
05061-6084-1 5995-01-314-4687 cable assembly radi Avl RFQ
00435-60009 6625-01-110-4138 range switch assemb Avl RFQ
5328A-C96 6625-01-039-0086 counter electronic Avl RFQ
437B-915 6625-01-318-3161 meter power factor Avl RFQ
HP8473B W OPTIONS001 6625-01-414-6401 detector radio freq Avl RFQ
8566B-OPT-913-K1A 6625-01-240-3770 analyzer spectrum Avl RFQ
08477-60002 4931-01-027-2520 switch assembly pow Avl RFQ
0570-0662 6625-01-092-6813 stub tip Avl RFQ
1120-1525 6625-00-192-6598 ammeter Avl RFQ
HP8474B 6625-01-422-9788 detector radio freq Avl RFQ
8566B-H44-010 6625-01-305-5089 analyzer spectrum Avl RFQ
05370-60082 6625-01-275-1502 processor Avl RFQ
08698-6046 5985-00-231-7962 attenuator variable Avl RFQ
HP8663A 6625-01-384-6181 generator signal Avl RFQ
05370-60109 6625-01-275-1502 processor Avl RFQ
05061-6158 6625-01-232-4704 synthesizer electri Avl RFQ
05370-60218 6625-01-356-5394 dac logic assembly Avl RFQ
00180-61106 6625-00-615-7566 cover electrical el Avl RFQ
HP8563E-104 6625-01-433-0182 analyzer spectrum Avl RFQ
5342A-001-011 6625-01-082-3501 counter electronic Avl RFQ
00214-66502 5998-00-936-0788 circuit card assemb Avl RFQ
D223HAEN 6250-00-733-5883 lampholder Avl RFQ
00436-60023 4010-01-116-6292 cable Avl RFQ
83752A-H38 6625-01-364-5391 generator sweep Avl RFQ
08405-6031 6625-01-073-0333 search circuit asse Avl RFQ
5020-0215 5935-00-031-0993 connector receptacl Avl RFQ
608C60A 6625-00-033-8650 turret assembly amp Avl RFQ
1120-1554 6625-01-041-6736 multimeter Avl RFQ
HP8660C-E24 6625-01-053-3309 generator signal Avl RFQ
3484A-041-042-043 6625-00-499-1962 plug in unit electr Avl RFQ
0160-3064 5910-00-261-3413 capacitor fixed mic Avl RFQ
G0024901 5985-01-187-9950 switch radio freque Avl RFQ
HP8901A 6625-01-081-4156 analyzer spectrum Avl RFQ
83545-60064 5955-01-330-6049 oscillator noncrystal controlled Avl RFQ
3438AOPT210 6625-01-097-8837 multimeter Avl RFQ
HP20103F101 5910-01-124-1749 capacitor fixed mic Avl RFQ
5086-7082 5961-00-579-1681 transistor Avl RFQ
08642-60890 6625-01-248-6780 modulation module Avl RFQ
8447C 5895-01-041-5127 amplifier power Avl RFQ
HP19911J3C1 5910-00-261-3411 capacitor fixed mic Avl RFQ
5300B 5305A 6625-01-220-1191 counter electronic Avl RFQ
05253-6001 6625-00-888-7474 holder probe Avl RFQ
NT3-1R25F 5905-01-006-9717 resistor fixed wire Avl RFQ
1821017-333 5905-00-521-1796 resistor fixed film Avl RFQ
FN393-2 5-05-12 5915-01-360-5093 filter radio freque Avl RFQ
ND28205 5905-00-666-1845 resistor thermal Avl RFQ
437B-E18 6625-01-381-4934 meter power factor Avl RFQ
08558-60004 6625-01-164-0532 converter Avl RFQ
437B-004 6625-01-441-8779 wattmeter Avl RFQ
HP8757C-H06-913 6625-01-387-9166 analyzer network Avl RFQ
5061B 6625-01-260-6886 frequency standard Avl RFQ
08405-60116 6625-01-251-0534 test set subassembl Avl RFQ
5342A-001-004-011 6625-01-121-7106 counter electronic Avl RFQ
C9437-1 5895-01-103-9474 detector radio freq Avl RFQ
E3615A 6130-01-580-2418 power supply Avl RFQ
08340-60158 6625-01-190-6981 oscillator subassem Avl RFQ
5083-5791 5960-01-117-6577 electron tube Avl RFQ
08620-60047 6625-01-069-6160 drive belt and poin Avl RFQ
5061A0PT003 6625-00-138-6550 frequency standard Avl RFQ
1128SCSEA823-17 6625-01-174-0638 lead test Avl RFQ
5323A 6625-00-443-7636 counter electronic digital readout Avl RFQ
HP33120A 6625-01-420-9726 generator function Avl RFQ
05253-20A 6625-00-087-6809 cavity assembly Avl RFQ
HP8478B 6625-01-067-0413 mount thermistor Avl RFQ
01615-61610 6625-01-152-3901 cable assy Avl RFQ
MIL-R-55342 7 5905-01-359-5427 resistor fixed film Avl RFQ
08642-60893 6625-01-248-7612 fm loop module Avl RFQ
HP83732B 6625-01-426-1074 generator signal Avl RFQ
721862-015 5985-00-491-7351 switch radio freque Avl RFQ
HP34522B 6625-01-494-9526 plug in unit electr Avl RFQ
05370-60122 6625-01-351-3196 test set subassembl Avl RFQ
05254-6023 6625-00-403-1820 cabity assy generat Avl RFQ
714862-001 6625-01-310-5635 generator signal Avl RFQ
562AR-M44 4935-00-908-6202 recorder electronic Avl RFQ
5342A-001-002-005-H1 6625-01-249-5545 counter electronic Avl RFQ
HP8473D 6625-01-309-0094 detector radio freq Avl RFQ
05004-60003 6625-01-113-7999 probe test Avl RFQ
08644-61011 6625-01-344-4488 signal generator su Avl RFQ
3438AOPTION115 6625-01-083-2763 multimeter Avl RFQ
1120-1513 6625-01-272-2524 meter arbitrary sca Avl RFQ
MIL-R-55182 7 5905-01-256-3746 resistor fixed film Avl RFQ
5328A-H99 6625-01-134-9994 counter electronic Avl RFQ
01801-66507 6625-00-116-7855 test set subassembl Avl RFQ
00435-60003 5998-01-064-4366 circuit card assemb Avl RFQ
HP86245A 6625-01-102-3388 plug in unit electr Avl RFQ
HP8902A 6625-01-169-7744 test set signal gen Avl RFQ
000478-60003 5935-00-435-6617 connector plug elec Avl RFQ
04342-7704 6625-01-227-8264 test set subassembl Avl RFQ
HLT-12-05Z 2.4K OHMS 5905-00-942-3530 resistor fixed wire Avl RFQ
05253-20223 6625-00-232-9511 panel front freq co Avl RFQ
UPE200RE 5905-00-614-5457 resistor variable n Avl RFQ
HP8656A 6625-01-130-5649 generator signal Avl RFQ
436A-002-022-910 6625-01-337-1752 meter special scale Avl RFQ
05061-6157 6625-01-232-4690 plug in unit electr Avl RFQ
99XW-0182-000 4140-01-219-0905 fan tubeaxial Avl RFQ
05253-6003 6625-00-911-7240 generator loop assy Avl RFQ
5086-7054 6625-01-090-5699 oscillator mixer as Avl RFQ
08405-60118 6625-01-251-0535 test set subassembl Avl RFQ
551-2500HMP0RM20PCT 5905-00-599-6301 resistor variable n Avl RFQ
00436-60022 5995-01-090-3956 cable assembly spec Avl RFQ
08620-60045 6625-01-056-5193 NA Avl RFQ
0170-0033 5910-00-834-3015 capacitor fixed pla Avl RFQ
RNR65H6980FR 5905-00-006-2979 resistor fixed film Avl RFQ
HP8757C 6625-01-317-6057 analyzer network Avl RFQ
RDM19F821J3C 5910-00-244-7168 capacitor fixed mic Avl RFQ
5342A-001-002-E03 6625-01-137-2180 counter electronic Avl RFQ
14541-60001 6150-01-084-1449 cable assembly spec Avl RFQ
4816P-001-104 5905-01-452-9761 resistor network fi Avl RFQ
HP8405A 6625-00-929-1897 voltmeter Avl RFQ
00141-61103 6625-00-450-7243 test set subassembl Avl RFQ
05253-2014 6625-00-232-9511 panel front freq co Avl RFQ
08555-60010 6625-00-003-7062 switch assembly wir Avl RFQ
5245L0PT002 6625-00-003-4221 counter electronic Avl RFQ
714862-002 6625-01-310-5635 generator signal Avl RFQ
0960-0560 6625-01-138-9862 multiplier electric Avl RFQ
436A-002-011-022-908 6625-01-137-7973 wattmeter Avl RFQ
1120-1542 6625-01-020-6652 meter digital Avl RFQ
HP204D 6625-01-067-0249 generator signal Avl RFQ
436A-003-022 6625-01-164-4676 wattmeter Avl RFQ
08340-60107 5995-01-211-0149 cable assembly radi Avl RFQ
79PR5K 5905-00-211-0203 resistor variable n Avl RFQ
HP8560A OPT002-003 6625-01-323-1443 analyzer spectrum Avl RFQ
1120-1548 6625-01-042-2015 ammeter Avl RFQ
33B26C 5905-00-513-0799 resistor fixed wire Avl RFQ
N027D2 5905-00-552-4997 resistor thermal Avl RFQ
8660A002-003-004-009 6625-00-359-1304 chassis plug in uni Avl RFQ
5335AOPT010 040 6625-01-348-0680 counter electronic Avl RFQ
436A-003-004-022-908 6625-01-238-2949 multimeter Avl RFQ
RDM20F232F3C 5910-00-411-3604 capacitor fixed mic Avl RFQ
5061AH90OPT003 6625-01-009-7914 frequency standard Avl RFQ
00423-802 6625-00-211-1994 parts kit electroni Avl RFQ
5061B-003-004 6625-01-251-6810 frequency standard Avl RFQ
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